A look back at 2016

Von Miller kissing his mother for a Western Union photo shoot

A look back at 2016

Another amazing year has gone by and so much to share.  Life on set has proven itself time and time again to have it’s challenges, set backs and successes.  All of which I have grown so much from, emotionally and professionally.  Here are a few of my favorite shoots I had the opportunity to work on.

Experiencing the great outdoors in  Carbondale, Colorado with Tyler Stableford Photography For the Walls X brand.  From sunrise to sunset this was an intense shoot with long hikes through deep snow. and flowing creeks. I loved having the freedom to be creative with this makeup and wardrobe.

These shots of Missy Franklyn,  for Speedo, were actually taken in early 2015 but I finally was able to get get copies. Loved having such a great talent to work with . Just turn on her play list and watch her move.  So much fun.  Thank you Lisa Schrag for inviting me to the party.


This Walls shoot was intense and hard charging.  Thanks to my team stylist Lois Davis, we were able to think quick on our feet and work fast to get what  Tyler  (Stableford Photography) wanted for the shots. We shot 3 days all over Western Colorado, and put in about 12-14 hours a day… 

“Virginia is for lovers” and”Visit Virginia” Campaign.  This was actually shot throughout 2015 and released in 2016.  Working with Lisa Schrag, Brian Bailey, Chayce Lanphear, Wes Ferguson, George Knowells and many talented crew members. 

The “Sea to table” was a shoot that we flew in the day before, shot at sunrise the next day and headed back home that afternoon. The oysters so succulent Fast and furious and so much fun!  A crew of 15 including client, agency, crew and talent…. Waders for everyone!…..What a cool idea for a date night. 


Western Union Is Teaming Up With Super Bowl 50 MVP

Von Miller will star in Mother’s Day push from Western Union, which will also air a Spanish-speaking TV ad.


Portugal was an amazing opportunity.  Lisa schrag booked me for  this lifestyle shoot.  We shot for 10 days in June  for Globus travel.  Starting at sunrise 7:00 A.M to sunset 9:00 P.M….Wow!  Those were long days!  Joe Hancock and John Rose, captured some beautiful moments in some fantastic locations… Portugal is a gem with so much history.  I was lucky enough to have my husband meet me there and experience the culture there and then we traveled Spain for 10 days….A once in a life time opportunity!

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