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Altar'd State shoot in Chile and Colorado


Your Audition Make-Up

First impressions can make or break a deal especially in the entertainment business, that's why it is so important to be yourself and look your best when auditioning for a role. Unless otherwise stipulated, looking as close to yourself as...

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Well, it's that time of the year, where we are all packing away our winter coats and scarves and breaking out the shorts, flip flops, short sleeves and tank tops. Ah, the thought of the warm sun on our bare skin as we lye on the fresh cut grass...

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An Autumn Guide to Waxing, Shaving, and Fall Makeup

Hair! It's everywhere. Whether Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall, it's there and can be a bit of a challenge to maintain, especially when things get really busy. Summer time was easy, wearing shorts and tee shirts, grooming was an everyday ritual. Well, now...

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Lateen Nails

Nails say more about you than you think. It's part of fashion and is a dead give away to your personal hygene as well as your personal health. Here are a few concerns many of you had that pin point these issues. Q: I love getting my nails done - whether it be with my...

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A look back at 2016

Another amazing year has gone by and so much to share.  Life on set has proven itself time and time again to have it's challenges, set backs and successes.  All of which I have grown so much from, emotionally and professionally.  Here are a few...

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Kelloggs Olympian Campaign 2013

I had an amazing opportunity to work with many olympians this past year.  I just received the photos and wanted to share.  Among the ones you see are Gretchen Bleiler, Mikaela Shiffron, Amy Purdy, Lindsey Vonn, and Heath Calhoun.  All had very touching...

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Nice, Paris, London, and Rome in 14 days

2013 panned out to be an incredible year! Many great jobs with fabulous producers, photographers and clients. I would have to say the high light of the year was a work trip to Nice, Paris, London and Rome for Globus Travels and Avalon Waterways... A whirl...

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